No Pop Ups showing up?


Hi, i installed the newest linux version of brave, signed up for uphold and i am veriefied with them also, I enabled the adds but so far i havent seen any, nor do i have the option to select how many adds i want to see?? Did i do something wrong i wonder.

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Hi @cryptobit01,
Glad to hear that you’re interested in the ads platform! You can test it now in Developer and Beta builds.
If you’re using the live release, they will not be available to preview here just yet.
If you’re using the dev or beta build, can you check and ensure that you have both Brave Rewards and Brave Ads enabled in your settings? If you’re unsure where these settings are located:

  1. Click the Rewards icon in your address bar:
  2. In the Rewards panel, select Rewards Settings:
  3. Turn on both Brave Rewards and Brave Ads

You should now be able to preview the Brave Ads platform. Please let me know if this is unclear or if you were unable to enable Rewards/Ads in this way.




thanks for your respond, i do have the dev version

Version 0.61.17 Chromium: 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

but for some reason i dont have the option in reagrs to how many adds i want and like i say, i didnt get one yet.

I included a screenshot.




Thats my bad. I’m just now seeing that you’re running Linux.
Brave Ads platform is not yet available on Linux, but will be very soon. I’ve reached out to the team to see if I can get a confirmation on date but regardless I know that the implementation is not far off.

Appreciate your patience and apologies for the earlier misunderstanding.

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