No pending brave rewards. Earnings blank

If you are going to do this, you need to support more exchanges. Gemini and Uphold are horrible. That and I don’t think this explains my issue from what I’m reading there.


The current earnings will show - - if unverified, in short.

Brave is working with a new one at the moment. They are always looking to partner with new exchanges. If you want an exchange to do business with Brave, I’ll encourage you to write to them that they should consider doing business with Brave.

You can connect to Uphold / Gemini to keep earning.

Coinbase supports the Brave token. Why can’t tokens be sent to a Coinbase wallet? I don’t want to be forced to work with an exchange I don’t want to work with. There is no reason the old system can’t stay in place until more exchanges are supported.


They wanted to do this since too long. Probably since 2020, but they put it on hold till now.

You need to write to them that you would like to see Coinbase do business with Brave. If enough demand is there, they’ll look into it and make it happen.

This is something I would like you to check out

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Could you please explain why there are fees and other arrangements that need to take place? Why is it not as simple as just sending earnings to an already established wallet? If I can send Brave coins to somebody else through the network why can’t Brave just do this? Sounds to me like you want to do the business, but you want everybody else to eat the network fees.

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Buddy. That’s not how this world works. There are always a lot of stuff done behind the scenes whenever there’s business. Also, he never said that fees are to be paid by the exchange. There could be a fee which has to be paid by Brave so as to be allowed to use the API.

Also government rules and regulations are just another part of any agreements.

In order for crypto to be send, there are gas fees. And this isn’t a one way transaction where they just are paying you. They built out the API so that it can also tip people. Yet also built this out to keep all of your information safe.

All of these transactions, the API itself, maintaining the network, etc all costs money. When you tip, you’re not paying gas fees. Also when you’re earning BAT, you’re not paying gas fee to receive it. And in terms of Brave, they work out deals on their end so they aren’t losing tons of money based on gas fees and all as well.

What happens is people connect via the API and then direct deposits occur. Uphold then distributes those funds to appropriate User based on the API.

I’m not phrasing that 100% accurately but is a simple explanation of things from a non technical aspect.

Point is, they shouldn’t be forcing changes like this on people when they only have 2 horrible exchanges to choose from. It’s like telling people would you like your left foot chopped off, or your right. If they can’t agree with other exchanges for better options, well, then they can forget these changes, or eat the network fees.

Or at least make it so that the two exchanges you do have, won’t charge fees for withdrawing BAT. Because right now, the only people making money is Brave, and the 2 greedy exchanges. Users are getting screwed.


The current earning will show – , that means no BAT earning from this month or it will count but won’t show ??? (Of course to the people who are not verified)((also keep in mind the people are not verifying because there region isn’t supported)) :confused:

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Kinda both are correct. you won’t earn the rewards. It will still keep counting and whatever your rewards accumulate each month now onwards will be distributed to creators automatically. You won’t receive them.

Yea. everyone knows that. The sunsetting of vBAT was scheduled way earlier but they pushed it till now.

But then it would have been fair to postpone this new “feature” until all can participate from it, either through other exchanges such as Coinbase or by unlocking Uphold’s countries again that are currently no longer supported. Now it’s the fact, that - to exaggerate - you can only continue to use the rewards if you have the right nationality. This is unsatisfactory and also a bit discriminatory towards all those who now have the problem of living in the “wrong country”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that this can be arbitrarily difficult from a regulatory perspective depending on the partner country. I’m not questioning that at all… but then it would be fair to keep the status quo at least long enough for everyone to continue using the rewards in the old way to maintain fair conditions for all users no matter where they live.

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It’s because of our own governments rules & regulations sometimes. Also many a times, the frauds from such regions are way too excessive and costing Brave and their partners money.
As for me, im from India and it’s an unsupported region. I totally understand your frustration. For us from India, it’s because of the rules and regulations on crypto and other businesses. Also there’s been some amount of fraud atleast. So even though it sucks, there’s nothing brave or anyone can do till things settle a bit. So I will request you to wait till April and hope that your region is supported again some or the other way.

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Well, this was actually scheduled for way too long ago. But they did it now. vBAT complicates a lot of stuff.

I encourage all people who refuse to verify with the two garbage exchanges Brave does business with to turn off all ads until Brave supports more. If we can’t earn no reason in seeing ads. And if people aren’t looking at the ads, no reason for anybody to pay Brave for those ads.

Dumb decision by Brave. I don’t care why they want these changes. It’s just bad business. But, I guess in the end it’s always about greed and making money. Only people making money now are the exchanges charging huge fees to withdraw, and Brave.

To support your favorite Creators. Like if you’re watching a lot of YouTube videos by someone you like and they are a verified Creator, they’ll still earn based on you viewing ads. That’s a reason. Might not be a reason you like, but I just wanted to put this out there.

Not at all. It was people abusing it, such as setting up bot accounts to farm up vBAT and then offer to tell it to people through tips. Also it was an accountability issue, as many people formatted their devices, uninstalled Brave, etc which then made an active “wallet” become inactive and lost. Yet as far as Brave’s system had to be concerned, that vBAT still exists…though it will never reappear.

So for accountability purposes and to prevent all of this fraud and other “illegal” behavior, Brave had to finally pull the plug on it. It’s nothing to do with greed but is everything to do with making sure we’re not getting screwed and no laws are being violated. If they didn’t do anything, then could be said they are permitting options for money laundering and funding terrorism.

The fact that Brave only allows Gemini and Uphold as exchanges proves it’s all about greed and money. Those are two of the most greedy exchanges out there. They are about a half a step above FTX, that’s how shady and greedy they are.

Basically this is an elaborate plan to scam people out of their BATs.

Even I do not understand the logic behind taking the already earned BATs. (Even if you do not allow us to get future BATs)