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I am unable to view PDF files in Brave browser on my laptop because there is no PDF viewer extension to enable. The problem is not present on my PC where I also use Brave. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Brave to no avail (I did save my configuration though). Please advise.

Brave version: 0.19.53
OS: Windows 10 Home


when i had this issue. i Enable Adobe Flash support which is found under Setting>plugin.
if you cant enable it.

you will see this (Brave uses a special version of Pepper Flash which must be installed from Adobe.) under the toggle button. just click on the Adobe and it will redirect you to the adobe flash player download install restart your browser and enable the toggle.voila

bear in mind worked for me i am not sure about yours.



Thanks for the tip but Adobe Flash is enabled, toggling it on and off again did not help.


i am sorry it didn’t work for you. you can try this:


Thanks, I’ll give it a shot if nothing else helps.

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