No payout received for this month

Same here, no payout for February on Windows and MacOS.

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Hi @steeven

It has been been a while since I’ve DM’d you and I just wanted to follow up on progress? It is already end of this month and payout is drawing near. Please can you assist in this regard or refer me to someone that will be able to assist?

To all (@krynv, @G.delvalle, @GypsyTano, @Hufogdl7, @snoozin99, @Nrwidener1, @djmerkel, @treego14, @Yemmie, @edson) that had this problem and to the Brave support,

I apologize in advance if this message is premature but in my line of work things should not be taking this long never mind having to wait this long for a response.

@steeven , requested information from me and a few different users that responded to this issue to which some replied. He did not come back with a solution even though I have followed up twice now, this being the third time.
This issue has persisted for an entire month now and still no one from the Brave support team has provided any sort of advice that could be used to resolve the issue. I have tried several times to update my Brave browser and the message received was that the browser is up to date even though I could see it is not the latest version.

Today I decided to start a completely new download and it seem like this has resolved my problem. I did however still have not received my pay out for rewards and it seems like this will now be for two months and not just for one which would have been resolved if Brave was at all concerned with providing support to their users.

I want the support team to know that I am very disappointed in the manner this issue was handled and will not be kind in my upcoming posts towards Brave. But @#$, it seems like you’ve gotten to big to care anyway so can’t see that it’ll make a big difference. Just know that there is a lot of competition out there and this is not the way to go about issues raised.

For anyone still experiencing the same problem you’d probably have to do a completely new download and you’ll most like lose your pay outs (best advice I have, seeing as no one from Brave will be assisting with this)

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In march i was supposed to receive 279.57 BAT and i got none of that from the creators referral program. I sent an email 3 weeks ago and no response. Can someone please help me out here because i am starting to get really frustrated. I am hoping they will pay me this month but seeing as how they didn’t pay last month i am not very hopeful.


Hi @poopster

It’s no use man. I tried for close to a moth to get assistance and just wasted my time. I had to do a fresh install. There’s probably a way for the support team to assist but I wont bet on it. Not in this year if you ask me.


Hi @dpl1 - I’m genuinely sorry for your experience, and really appreciate your above feedback. It has been a challenging time and your frustration is completely warranted.

I’m glad that the fresh install did the trick. I’m following up with a DM as well. Thank you for your patience. I will make this right.


Hi @poopster - please DM me the email address linked to your Creator account. I can handle from there. Thank you!

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Hi - I am having this same issue. Received no rewards payout for March 5th or April 5th. I have tried reaching out to support via email at multiple times over the last few weeks, and have not received any reply.

My uphold wallet was previously verified, and I have received ads payouts for several months before March. But it just stopped and I have received no BAT rewards for March and now April.

Please advise, thank you!

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I keep dragging that Brave Rewards Triangle to its target to claim earned BAT, and all I get over and over and over again is:

"Oops, something is wrong. Please try again later.

Brave Rewards is having an issue. Please try again later."

Now, I go back to Rewards Page later, and the option to claim rewards no longer exists; Next Payment Date now lists as May 5th … stranger by the day … can someone explain this? Seems dishonest at worst, and incompetent at best.

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@sighknot & @treego14

As you can see, the first comment under this issue was 9 March 2020. One person from the Brave team replied a few times but did not give any information of value that helped. I was requested to send some personal information and assisted by sending them the information in a DM. I did not receive any feedback after that and was requested again to send information via DM.

I am afraid that you will get no clarity here except maybe some of the comments that I’ve written and if you get a reply from the Brave team they will ask you to DM information and then wont reply for weeks.

Sorry for the frustration man, I can relate. It’s better just to move on. Either try and re-install Brave or have a look at the other projects out there. There is some interesting things going on and those projects actually still have a functional support team.

The payout date was April 5th and I was suppose to receive over 8 BAT but I have not received my payout and it’s showing my history as 0. I did not have this issue the previous month…my Uphold account is current and verified. Why no payout?

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Hello. Please have a look at the two pictures about my earnings from February 2020. I have a lot of partners, as well as 14 partners who are confirmed! But according to the February statement I only received $2.67. Therefore my question, when will I get my BAT Token for February Partner of Brave credited to my Brave Creator Account? Thanks for your answer. Please stay healthy

Many greetings

@Hakan - can you DM me the email linked to your account? Thanks!

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I have been unfortunately been having the same problem. 47 BAT “held hostage” in my phone since April 5th. Please help!

Trying to “sell” Brave to friends and these issues popping up do not give a first impression!

Please all fix the RAM issue regarding desktop usage.

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