No payout received for this month

Good day,

I was under the impression that payout for browsing with the Brave browser will be made on the 5th of each month. I have received nothing for last month.

Can this be because my browser does not have the right settings?


Facing a similar issue. Have not received any payment for March.

Received some BAT but not even close to the full amount, and the transaction message said ‘ad payments for December’ - which doesn’t seem right to me at all.

Additionally, one of my browsers lost about half of my pending earnings after an update.

Emailed for further assistance - awaiting their response. If there’s anything else I can share with the Brave team here, then I’d be more than happy to do so. Just PM me.


Hi @dpl1 - thanks for writing in! Have you verified your wallet and completed KYC with Uphold?


Hi @steeven

I have done that previously and I’ve also received payouts in the past. It is just this last month that’s been a problem.


Likewise with me, @steeven.

Much like with @dp1, everything has been verified, I’ve received payments in the past without issue. It’s just last month’s payment that didn’t go through. By the looks of things, I think it’s a common issue across many users - particularly for last month.


I have the same issue. No payout. Everything verified & KYC


@dpl1 @G.delvalle

I found a post from 5 days ago which explains a little about what happened:

I read through this @steeven, and I understand that there was a typo in the message when transferring funds to Uphold but this doesn’t explain why one of my wallets (completely verified, tied to my account) had over 8 BAT, but didn’t get sent to my uphold wallet.
Plus the issues of users not receiving anything at all for last month.

I’m afraid there is no real transparency in how the rewards system works, what are the limits, what are the restrictions, what common issues are found amongst users. I feel like all of this needs to be pinned in a big FAQ somewhere.

Throwaway comments on obscure posts from days/ weeks/ months ago which have little to no traction don’t get communicated out to the wider community - you’re just going to receive the same questions over and over again. Ignoring them because you posted an answer to them elsewhere is bad rep, so just list them somewhere obvious for people to find. I saw a comment from you saying that the minimum payout for Uphold was 5 BAT, is that the case? Am I able to find this anywhere on any of the support pages? Where is the source for this information?

If a minimum payout of 5 BAT exists, how come I received 0.5454 and 1.34 BAT for the last month?

Additionally, the above post about this month’s ad earnings was not very well communicated at all. I had to trowel through multiple posts to find this. Can you pin this somewhere so that people can see and stop asking the same questions? It says it was “pinned globally” but where? I can’t see that pin anywhere. Or communicate all issues to me and I can do it on your behalf if you so wish.

You’ve got several platforms for reporting issues (this, reddit, github, separate FAQ page etc.). Perhaps centralise the ad stuff into one place and make it as simple as possible for people? I sometimes struggle to traverse through this forum to find relevant information for me. People seem to post reward related things in ad channels and ad support things in the rewards channels.


Agreed, this is not just a matter of communication. I have not receive my payout. Zero funds were added to my account.

Thanks for the update @krynv

I didnt receive my rewards please check it , this is my code:

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Yo tampoco recibo mi recompensa este mes según yo hice todo elnprosedimientonaparte en mi billetera me decía que elmpago estaba en proso más que terminó el prosesi y el pago nunca se realizó me pueden apoyar por favor HIA503 es mi usuario

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Hi @krynv and @dpl1 - can you send me screenshots of your ads viewed and rewards panels?

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I have the very same issue and I emailed brave a week ago with no response :frowning: No payout for february. :frowning:

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Hi @steeven I’m having the same problem with my payouts, while they are not that much, it is still not there. I’ve waited a few days for the update but not seen anything change. Any chance that you can help/look into this? My code is NAT178. Thank you for your help!


Hi @krynv @dpl1 @snoozin99 - can each of you DM me your Rewards Internal info which can be found here - brave://rewards-internals/. I can send to the team and dig in from there. Thank you in advance!


Hi @steeven, please see PM from earlier. Thanks!


The same has happened to me.

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I earned BAT in February through March 5th. On March 5th and since, no payout of that BAT. This is not what Brave promised. Disappointing.

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Hi @treego14

Not a hundred % sure what payout you are referring to but as far as I am aware browsing payouts on the Brave browser only takes place on the 5th of each month. I am sure someone in the community will correct me if I’m wrong.

@steeven The same has happened to me no rewards payout from the 5th of march 2020 should of been approximately 12 bat .

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Hi @steeven,

I’ve sent you the detail a while back. Just wanted to follow up on progress.