No payout, no ads, next payment in October?

I just wanted to report that I am not seeing any ads currently, probably for the entire month of August now.

Furthermore I have not received any BATs on August 7th for the last month. However my BAT counter was reset to 0.00.

Third, as next payment date I see Next payment date Oct 8 which I believe should be Sep 8?

And all this makes me wonder, if Brave is working as expected or if something is wrong. I am on latest version: Version 1.28.106 Chromium: 92.0.4515.159 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Same here!

My August payout has been frozen & the next payout seems to be at OCT 8.

Just updated to the latest version: Version 1.28.106 Chromium: 92.0.4515.159
And it sees like my frozen rewards went to 0.00 BAT.

Would appreciate some insight on what’s going on. Thanks!

Hi, i’m having exactly the same problem. No ads, only sponsored images and no BAT at all.

The ads and rewards systems seems seriously broken.


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So we all having the same issue lol…

Now the next payment date has switched to November. Shouldn’t it be October?

Still no ads

Still no BATs

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Still no more ads.
Still no more BATs.
Still no payment.

Today I am also facing an issue where I have not received a single ad, at morning I received 1 ad and just received 0.001 BAT from that ad.

Still no more ads.
Still no more BATs.
Still no payment.

Same for me since August

I even try GEMINI and have the same issue

This project is going down it seems… :roll_eyes:

So finally after one month I get the info from support that my ‘wallet has been flagged’.
I have no idea what this means and why it happened because I certainly did not do anything wrong. And it is not resolved yet as I am still seeing no more ads.

But anyone else having the issue described should ask Brave support if their wallet got flagged as well.

Happened with we. Later I got to know that I account was flagged. It was removed later but I didn’t received the rewards for 2 month I.e for july and august

Really, I have no idea what flagging means or why a wallet gets flagged. I am just using Brave Browser and it is weird that using Brave Browser gets you flagged.
This also means that there is some sort of monitoring despite all privacy claims.

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Yes there is some sort of monitoring. Good point.
Number of devices you have linked to Uphold, regularly running a VPN are some of the reason of getting flagged.

I have not linked anything to Uphold and I am not and have not been using VPNs. So this can’t be the reason in my case. This practice seems arbitrarily and not reasonable.


I am having the same problem. All my BAT rewards have been reset to ZERO.

Yup, same here.
I am not receiving any ads nor BAT in the month of October, no matter how much time I spend on it, and keep searching for different stuff. Even the BAT counter was reset to 0.150BAT which I received only once within minutes during the start of few months.
I just have my Uphold account linked but I am not using it and I didn’t verify it yet.

On the Brave Creators homepage, if I don’t connect Uphold account then it doesnt show that Payout details. Do you really need to have Uphold account verified to recieve payouts?

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