No Payout for March...feeling a little ignored

Hello, have you not received the payment yet? I have the same problem.

Nope, heard nothing. Mines still sitting in estimated.

If you get information and reasons why the payment was not received, will you inform me? please.

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Yeas of course I will. Don’t hold ya breathe though…they seem to be ignoring anything to do with payment.


Hi @sneakybrit - We’ve been heads down helping folks out the past 3 days. I really appreciate your patience. I’ve passed your info along to our Dev team and will hopefully have an answer for you soon. Thank you.

Hi, @steeven you’ve just made me run round the room with joy. Thank you.

Hi @sneakybrit! Just need a bit more info to understand what might be happening. How many devices and what type of devices are you viewing ads on? Are you running a VPN on any of them? Thanks in advance!

Hi @steeven teeven I have the same problem I send my data to the private.

Hi @steeven, I want to ask something, can I use the uphold account by the Brave Creator account and Brave Reward browser together? Will it cause suspension? that’s what I’m experiencing now.
very sad when I have been waiting for almost 2 months (February - March) for the first payment but suddenly your account is suspended on payday :sob: :sob:
I hope to solve this problem and get paid
bad luck

@boyman66 @steeven Is this a problem having the creator account on the same Uphold wallet?

@steeven I DM’d you the info you wanted. Update Still the same.

@sneakybrit , are you also a Brave Creator? do you use 1 uphold account for 3 brave rewards browsers?

Does the claim button not appear? because I experienced that too

sorry sir, my account is under review and support has asked me to send a document for appeal. I have sent it via email, but there has been no response back until now.

please check my email at your support incoming message. i have sent my email in your DM sir @steeven Please Help me

thank you for your cooperation

I didn’t get any payments aswell.
But not on the reward system. It’s the content creator system.

I am, but no I don’t, I have 2 Uphold accounts. Sorry for the late reply…got this popping up “You’ve reached the maximum number of replies a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 1 hour before trying again.” Even though I’m not a new user, been here since Jan I think lol

Really sorry for the delay, It now seems I have to wait another hour before I can reply to you.

@steeven why wont it let me reply and pop up appears with above text? It did this yesterday too. Driving me nuts.

That is not a problem. @boyman66 please email and your case will be resolved in time for the May payout. We don’t discuss suspensions on Community.

Hi @sneakybrit - I’m honestly not sure what would be causing that. Does it affect DM’s as well?

Hi, No seems to only happen at the beginning of the day.

Any news with the payouts?

So I’ve just heard from the Dev team and they’re still reviewing your case to get to the bottom it. Fingers crossed we will have a resolution today but it’s possible that I won’t know more until Monday. I seriously appreciate your patience here. I know it’s been a ton of back and forth.