No Payout for March...feeling a little ignored

That is not a problem. @boyman66 please email and your case will be resolved in time for the May payout. We don’t discuss suspensions on Community.

Hi @sneakybrit - I’m honestly not sure what would be causing that. Does it affect DM’s as well?

Hi, No seems to only happen at the beginning of the day.

Any news with the payouts?

So I’ve just heard from the Dev team and they’re still reviewing your case to get to the bottom it. Fingers crossed we will have a resolution today but it’s possible that I won’t know more until Monday. I seriously appreciate your patience here. I know it’s been a ton of back and forth.

Ok, no problem. I’ll keep an out over the weekend. Fingers crossed something happens and its solved so the next payout day isn’t the same.

Thanks for your patience @sneakybrit!

Still the same 11/04 will keep you informed over the weekend if there is any change.
No change 12/04

good @steeven thank you very much for your attention, I already sent an email, then what about the payment, will it still get paid in May?
I hope this problem will be resolved soon
thank you once again @steeven I’ve found a bright spot because before I did not get a reply from the email

13/04 Still no sign of payout for March.

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me also im not receiving any rewards last feb i receive but now. my rewards is not moving.

Thanks @sneakybrit for the update - messaging the Dev team now to see if there’s an update.

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Thanks @steeven be nice to get this sorted and hopefully there wont be any problems next month.

Hey Steven,
Sorry for being off-topic, but is Asad is still working?
I have massaged him 2 weeks ago about my Wallet being completely wiped off after receiving my first pay, and still got no response.LapTop

Hi @sneakybrit - I’m still awaiting confirmation from the Dev team. It’s now looking like I won’t have more information until tomorrow.

14/04 Still the same ;( I’ve noticed more and more people not getting payout for March. I hope they sort the payout system out for May, this for me is the biggest thing letting this browser down the most. Honestly I don’t think the system is up for the job. Here’s hoping something finally gets sorted today.

Updated all browsers Version 1.7.92 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I don’t use a VPN. Yes 2 verified Uphold accounts. 3 computers running Brave, Internals sent along with screen shots. 2 weeks into April, wait any long and it’ll be May and I bet I’ll be going through all this again. What more can I do?


Hi @sneakybrit - finally got some answers.

Your account was initially flagged because our automated anti-fraud systems noticed unexpected activity. Restoring a wallet to multiple machines is not supported by the platform, which caused the issue.

I’ve just sent 85 BAT directly to your Uphold wallet which will account for 1 of the machines. Going forwards you’ll only be able to connect 1 machine with the wallet.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help to answer.

Wanted to put this here for record. I have 3 machines with brave on each. 1 computer to 1 Uphold wallet, 2 other computers on a separate Uphold account. I had 210+ BAT over the 3 computers for March. I have not restored any wallet, Only thing I changed was last month when I put the other 2 computers on to the other Uphold account because they only paid me half for Feb.

If you think you will get your full amount, be prepared to get what ever they deem worthy. Had to wait all this time for a second rate fob off. 85 total bullshit.

It’s a shame, really. They made me write to the dm, I was supposed to get an answer yesterday and today I have nothing. In my case I only have a PC with Brave and a single Uphold account, for the Ads and for Creator (although in Creator I get nothing). I have already lost all hope, I hope in May that the same thing does not happen again.


Yeah it is a real shame, cracking browser, :poop: payment system. Making it out it’s my fault now, they just can’t get their heads round I have 2 Uphold accounts and all browsers don’t point to 1 account. I am now thinking I need a 3rd Uphold account 1 browser to each account. I’m going to unlink the creators rewards to the account, doubt they’ll pay anyway.


Not sure whats going on. We know you can only have 1 Uphold account but I have 2 which I shouldn’t be able to do, so that’s Upholds fault for that. I understand by having 1 Uphold account limits how many devices you can run Brave browser to 3. To have more than 3 devices you need a separate Uphold wallet in a different name. Am I right so far?

Now we know all that, what about payout for the other browsers on account 2? Also what about this months rewards? this will happen again on May payout day. How are we going to solve it?

Please inform Uphold a reward for finding this flaw wouldn’t go a miss. That goes for Brave too. hint hint more hinting.

And for the love of my sanity what is this all about “You’ve reached the maximum number of replies a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 1 hour before trying again.” I’ve had to wait 2 hrs to post this reply. @Asad

Yup, it was definitely a mistake on ours and Uphold’s end. Still waiting to hear back on the final decision on your account. It’s likely they will close one of your duplicate accounts before next month’s payout. Since it was our mistake, I’ll refund you for the other account’s balance manually (it was around 120 BAT, correct?), but you won’t be able to proceed with 2 Uphold accounts from here on out. You will have to use one, and only one.

If you give me the email address tied to your Uphold account, I’ll send you the refund there directly. Also, I removed the posting restrictions on your account.