No payout for gemini in November (Banned Country)?

I was informed that the brave creator will get the last payout for the banned country in November but I did not receive it at my gemini wallet. Was that a mistake? Give me the correct answer. Thank!

Hello - Creator payouts are pending, but expected to start shortly.

Thank you!

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You should say unsupported region / country. Banned country is fully different overall.

it has completed but still i didnt receive

Please DM me your Creator email. Thank you.

hi Evan123,
I also have same issue. I don’t receive BAT from my Creator to my Gemini. Payout is completed.
Please re-check it and let me known if this is missing from you.

This is my Creator.

Thanks Team
Maynal Haque

Yes. I still haven’t received the payment as the payment status is complete. I have sent 1 support ticket

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