No payout for December and no ads being served since Jan 12th

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Accepting payment missing from December and Ads stopped being served on 12th January

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Version 1.34.80 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Windows 10 Pro

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No - See

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Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?
Yes - payment for Nov happened in December

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Yes - UK

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Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to Uphold??
Not using Uphold.

My problem sees to have started on 12th January (I assume when the December payment was being processed.

Since then debug log shows what looks like a bunch of signature objects followed by…

[17 Jan 2022, 9:18:07.1] OnRedeemUnblindedPaymentTokens
[17 Jan 2022, 9:18:07.1] URL Response:
Response Status Code: 400
Response: “Invalid Request R1”
[17 Jan 2022, 9:18:07.1] Failed to redeem unblinded payment tokens
[17 Jan 2022, 9:18:07.1] Failed to redeem unblinded payment tokens
[17 Jan 2022, 9:18:07.1] Retry redeeming unblinded payment tokens in 0 hours, 3 minutes, 13 seconds at 21:21

After that I see a similar list of obejcts to the one above then…

[17 Jan 2022, 9:19:09.7] URL Response:
Response Status Code: 429
Response: {“error”:“Number of allowed tokens exceeded”,“statusCode”:429}
[17 Jan 2022, 9:19:09.7] Failed to request signed tokens
[17 Jan 2022, 9:19:09.7] Retry refilling unblinded tokens in 0 hours, 35 minutes, 13 seconds at 21:54

and then the whole lot repeats…

Similar threads seem to suggest this is only something Brave support can solve but has anybody got any ideas?


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I have same issue. there are lots of people have the same issue or similar and lots of topics but I cannot find any solution or useful reply. In one of the topics a Brave Support asked us to dm some our informations. I did send mine but it’s been 5 days and he didn’t reply my message. I think, I’m gonna stop using brave because not getting help and being ignored by Brave start to bother me.


So to add to this I turned off ads, shut the browser down and turned them back on and I am getting served ads again but none of them are showing up under 30-day ads history. This still shows the last add served as the 12th.

Furthermore my Estimated earnings are no longer going up either.

I have exactly the same situation.

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I’m having exactly the same issue. No December payment and ad rewards stopped processing January 12.

If your wallet is verified with Uphold, then the issue you’re having is likely due to Uphold’s new CDD requirements.

Please see the following post for more information on the issue and how to proceed:

Thank you, but I haven’t received December payment also and I don’t get BAT from ads I see on my browser.

My wallet is not verified with Uphold and is currently unverified. So is there anything else I can do?

I have a verified Gemini wallet so this isn’t what’s causing the problem.

I have now verified my wallet with Gemini. Payment worked in one browser (laptop) however the other (desktop) appears to have failed for January now too. The desktop shows…

Your +1.008 BAT January rewards are on the way. Keep an eye out! Check status

However that link takes me to Ads Payout Status Update which says Gemini payments are complete. So is this another month where I am going to miss getting paid?

Still got nothing for December either.


So I checked again today and the January rewards have now disappeared. I no longer get the message about them coming and they are not in my linked gemini account either. So I guess this is a 2nd month with no rewards. :frowning:

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