No payments still in this month

Here shown payments completed
But not received any single payment from any wallet
Are you seriously thought payments going smoothly after connected uphold??

This are only three but i have still four devices
And also not received from all of them


the same situation here

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What is that @steeven we are facing same issues every month
Every momths payments not received and when it is received we received less amount…
If this is going on then i think community lost most of the customer trust…

Yeah, I know. I recently reached out and spoke to them about it. Not sure if you saw my Topic the other day. If not, might want to check it out and even listen in on the call yourself. I started speaking to Luke Mulks (Vice President of Operations for Brave) at around 42 minutes into the call. Post for my recap and with the link to the YouTube to listen in is at Psa: updates from brave call

Short version is they are working on upgrading systems and overall infrastructure.

And as to what to do, you should be in the habit then! Submit a Support Ticket at just in case they can do anything. Otherwise we just have to sit and wait, hoping to get the whole pay here eventually.

And you’re not the only one(s) facing this issue. Heck, even I’m seeing issues, such as you can see in this screenshot.

But it does get really danged confusing. I mean, last month I got shorted. Now we’re seeing where amounts are pending and all that nonsense. However, I did get a payment this month, but it’s not for what my devices said I should be getting. If nothing else, it feels like what I’m missing from last month.

Wallet - Brave 6_9_2022 11_42_13 PM

Still now not received any payment from any wallet…

Did you submit the ticket as mentioned?

Which wallet id i send…i have 4 devices all are 3 browsers total 12 wallet id …all wallet id payment not received :confused:

All. You would do the one ticket and include all your Payment ID on that. They then investigate and try to push it through or clear issues.

I haven’t received the claim rewards button on my browser and Brave hasn’t shown a ad for 2 weeks. Seems my rewards just disappeared.

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