No payment this month

Am supposed to be paid this month my creator account was payment in progress now is showing till 8th October and am not paid


@Okoro_bright I would help. Sorry this is late. I would see what can be done. @Asad he was the user I personally tipped 10bat last month. I had to support a fellow Nigerian

Man was I banned via this month payment

personal message please. i have to talk to you like a brother first. We Nigerians have to stick together.

We are looking into this!

Payout can take a couple days to fully complete for everyone so it may take a day or two for you to get your BAT.


thanks @asad for this reply. It means a lot to me. I don’t know him personally but I have to support a fellow Nigerian, If it may have been my tipping that caused him to be banned.

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Unlikely. He is not banned :slight_smile:

Thanks much maybe till 8th October😊

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From @iznai to @fofa to @quantipixels to I to most Nigerians. We are very calm, peaceful and easy going people. This is the Nigeria I wish the world could see. @Asad thank you again. I am always grateful. I know today would have been a busy day. I just felt kinda guilty.

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They haven’t paid me the bat for the month of September either, please explain to me

No problem! Happy to help, you guys are awesome.

Help me :frowning: They haven’t paid me for my blocked bats that gave me the option to appeal them and nothing … they accepted the appeal and they didn’t pay me, I’m already waiting for 2 months

A couple accounts had a small payout glitch – we will be processing a separate payout for them shortly.

But if I finally get my bat this month? because if the bats have been approved for 2 months, they must already be super approved …

i change my publisher name account to my wife cause i never verified with the uphold that was the month of august everything is okay she is already verified her uphold wallet was already connected to the publisher account. That was a week ago its says it will deposit at sep 8 but not happen, i look the publisher account of my wife again but now it sched to october 8 hoping could someone help to fix this problem an thanks so much more power brave an be bless

i have exactly the same problem right now.

same here , waiting for an update

@Asad can you check my account i did not receive payment

I wish this payment issue be adjust latest next week everyone will be paid

How long do you have to wait for payment? I haven’t been paid yet