No payment outs since years - is it just fake?


I’m registered since the beginning of 2017, but till today I havn’t got any payouts.
At the beginning it looked like it will take some time, so I forgot about my account.
Before a couple of days I got an email that I need to connect a Wallet, so I did that, because it showed that I have 2116.02 BAT in my account - “NextDeposit Date:October 8th”.
Now, the 8th of October is over, the text shows “NextDeposit Date: 8th November” and I havn’t got exactly 0 BAT in the uphold account.

What’s wrong with this service?

Many regards,

Hi @Jens,
Thanks for reaching out.

Actually, many publishers already get paid (including me). And some publishers have an issue with theirs own.

cc @Mattches for help and take a look on your issue. In addition, you may want to send an email to [email protected] too.

Appreciate your patience