No payment july and august

no payment july and august
on july 14.5BAT not recieve in my uphold accoun
on august 18.250 BAT not recieve again
please help me

Hi @daloy24 - is this for ads or referrals?

ads on july and this august both ads and referral not paying me

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Friend, could you give us an answer? I feel very concerned about the unusual situation that is occurring

i dont know why not paying me in my ads and referal

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I have the same problem @steeven

my ads on brave not paying me july and august not recieve payments

thats the ads from brave browser not recieve in my uphold account

I have same problem, they working on the fix Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account

We have to count on Brave Team (@steeven @Mattches @eljuno) We can’t do anything else.
I have the same problem as you. No payment for me too.

it ads. not paying me

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