No payment is reflected in uphold


I have two problems but they both end in the same. Nothing is reflected in my uphold account.
I have to clarify that I currently have 5 profiles in brave. Also, I have updated browser and affiliated uphold wallet.

  1. In 3 profiles I saw the button to claim the rewards, but today I saw that the payments are 100% completed and I have not received any payment, so I do not know if I have to notify someone or wait.

  2. In the other 2 profiles the payment was delayed for May 5, I was going to leave it like that since I had no problem with that. But today when entering brave more than half was discounted in each one (Unfortunately I don’t remember how much I had before but it was more than 12 in one of them and around 5 in the other). This has happened to me before, in fact they are never lost and are reflected days later, but I see that there are many people with the same problem and I am afraid I have lost them.

I do not attach a capture because it is a query, since I do not know what to do or who to ask.


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