No payment, I am waiting for 13 days. After Update I am still waiting. I need assistance (Problem Resolved by @steeven)

@steeven Steven, can you explain what happened? Another day has passed.

I am still waiting. I look my profiles( ı have 4 profiles) Nothing changed for me. I need help. @steeven

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it doesn’t work at all

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Were you able to connect your wallets?

If your claim didn’t appear, then please DM me your Wallet ID.

My wallets were already connected.

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my wallet is verified

I already hit the claim button on the 5th of August. But as below screenshot on all 4 of my profiles same. You see, it says ad earnings but not in my brave or uphold wallet.

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@samprog just now connected?

@DeadShowP - please see DM. Thanks.

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yes i’m online right now

I sent it, please see dm.

@samprog - you received payment?

My problem resolved by Awesome moderator @steeven

@steeven i have the same problem. I have verified my wallet but still BAT didn’t go to my uphold wallet. Need help.

0 payment for me too
what do I do @steeven

no I have not received payment yet

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Hello @steeven, I haven’t received payment to my Uphold account as well. I had it connected with Brave Reward prior August.

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Please check my DM too, thanks. @steeven

hi, what did you send in dm to steeven to resolve your issue