No payment [Again!]

I am from Russia and i didnt received anything in July. Then Brave team told me that i can relax and i will receive everything in august.
What’s the bottom line?
There is new message on forum that payments on uphold had reached its end. And second time i am deceived. Hope to hear you, @steeven, last time you personally told me that everything will be paid in august


Payment is completed. If you not receive yours, place see Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020

same and never got a reply

tôi cũng như bạn , thất sự rất bức xúc . tôi đã gởi rất nhiều DM cho @steeven nhưng không thấy phản hồi

hi @eljuno try to respond any DM!

Is it real possible to receive answer from Steeve? Cant believe it at the moment. By the way its very strange that all that masses of problems here solves ONLY 1 PERSON.

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