No password saving, again



WHY does this happen??? using git version on (arch) linux.
[anders@archie ~]$ brave-git
Crash reporting disabled
[5357:5375:0531/] Password store database is too new, kCurrentVersionNumber=18, GetCompatibleVersionNumber=19
[5357:5375:0531/] Could not create/open login database.
[5633:5633:0531/180454.161574:ERROR:KeyboardEventManager.cpp(427)] Not implemented reached in static bool blink::KeyboardEventManager::currentCapsLockState()

I think I will give brave a break, as it is appearently not very stable on my platform. The binary archlinux package (brave-bin 16.1 in can not run at all.

Apart from that, while I like the idea of the pr domain shields, brave have some drawbacks, it is not fast on complex sites, and it forces me to use “tabs”, which I really dislike. Fullscreen images on facebook is broken (when zoomed to anything but 100%, and facebook does not work well like that).

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