No Option To Add Brave To Android Sync Settings

I downloaded Brave to my Windows computer and two Android devices and successfully made a sync chain with the three of them. There is no syncing happening between them, however. My Android devices are a Samsung Galaxy S7 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition.

I’ve tried to follow guides to turn sync on for Brave in Android settings, but there’s no switch to “turn on sync for everything,” only a way to add accounts to the sync settings. Brave doesn’t show up as an option on either of my Android devices. Here are some screenshots of this in my settings, the purple is where I’ve scribbled out everything that listed my email address:

I’ve made sure my Androids are as updated as possible. The S7 is running Android version 8.0.0, the tablet is version 5.1.1. The Brave app was installed just a few days ago and is Brave version 1.23.76

I want to switch the Brave as my browser, but if sync won’t work then it’s not an option.

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