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hello , i don’t have any notifications of publicity since weeks and weeks what’s happen ???

Hello @fred74. Check if have Brave notifications “on” on your windows. Go to “settings” then “system” then “notifications & actions”.

hello thank you for your answer i have been in " settings" then "system " but i don’t have " notifications and actions " i have looked everywhere but i really don’t see this , i don’t understand , and i stil don’t have any notifications;…

in "system " i have just 3 options and nowhere it’s written " notifications and actions " !

I just made a guide to help people out with this issue. :smiley:
Guide to help fix notifications (Windows 10)

I tried to make it user-friendly. Let me know if that helps.

thnk you for your help i made exactly what you write , i will see if it works i will tell you but however thank you

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hello , like i said i made everything good , i activate the notififications and everything but nothing has changed !! i used brave few hours today and i still don’t have any notifications of announces !
i really don’t understand what’s happen , i use Brave since november almost every day and i earn less than 2 BAT and now since one month and half it’s nothing !
if some body have another solution …

I made it , the notifications and actions are "on " but i still don’t receive any notifications !!

Hi @fred74. See if are live campaigns at your country:

Thanks yes there’s . I live in france.
What can i do


If the bennish tool haven’t solved your problem then read this: FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

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