No notification Ads being displayed for Months. Ad counters show zero

Hi, I have not had any notification ads for a few months. I have tested the notification system and it is working ok. ( I have had no reward payments for the last few months. If you need more info please ask. Any help most welcome. Thanks.

It is very likely your wallet got flagged. I’m not receiving ads now, so I guess it happened the same thing to me in this last two months. Also, the estimated rewards has decreased and it didn´t fix itself as usual. Maybe it´s time to start 2022 without Brave.

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Sorry to hear you are having issues. I hope they get resolved. Would be a shame to have to miss out on the rewards. Good Luck.

Hello guys,
I have exactly the same problem.
Since several months no Ads notifications and no rewards neither… :-/
The reward program only worked one month for me (march 2021) and since this time nothing.
After checked all notification in the broswer are allowed, and the notification test is working well. My OS notification is on too, and working well for all others application on my computer.
I also suppose that my wallet isn’t flagged because i’m using Brave on my mobile with the same wallet’s account and everything is working well too …
If anyone have a solution to suggest it’ll be very appreciated.
Thank you and greeting from France

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