No notices on my PC


I installed Brave (fixed PC) 1 week ago and I have not received any advertising notices from the browser …

I also installed Brave syncronization on my PC and there I receive notifications …

For information in my Windows Notification Center (on my PC) I do not see Brave to activate notifications

You can help me ?

I am French so if you can write in French I am interested

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Je suis également français et j’ai également le même problème :frowning:

Hello @Fyvax and @Baptiste. Se if are “on” your Brave notifications at windows (go to “settings”, then “system” then “notifications & actions”).

Hello @rolak , thank’s for you’r reply, the problem is
the concern is that BRAVE is not in the notification center :

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Good @Fyvax. Run this simple tool and check again if this time the Brave notifications are “on”.

I followed what you told me, I receive the notifications from your website correctly, but still nothing to activate in my settings for Brave


Strange. First time that happen. It is not my tool. I am only using it. And worked until now. Could you please give me a screenshot of gif of the tool during the work or after the work made?

Sorry my english is so bad… Do you want me to send you my gif tool?

Yes post here the gif (if possible) or the screenshot of the tool during the work or after the results.

My tool is Screentogif

I see. And the Brave notifications are not shown at your windows taskbar?

No none, it’s been 4 hours that I use brave and that I configure everything but no notification for ads… :confused:

See here if you can find something else: FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

Forgot something @Fyvax . Go at the head of this chat and see if there is a warning to enable notifications for this forum… If yes, enable it and see again at windows notifications if Brave notifications will be “on”.

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@rolak , Sorry i’m werk, yeah notification on community is on :confused: screen :

The notice about the notifications can be in the place at is shown by the arrows. See the screenshot:

I do not know why, but since this morning I am already at 7 ads that I received in notification … Had to just wait, hope it lasts