No new window when right-click on taskbar icon


No new window when right-click on taskbar icon.

Windows 7, Brave 0.22.21


Hi @j6224,

Did you mean option to “Open new window” when you right-click icon on task bar?
There’s an issue logged for this which you can track here



I did do a search for this issue before I submitted mine, but didn’t find this one. Thanks for finding it. Still, not very reassuring that this one has been out there since 2016 and feature still not added. Thanks for +1’ing it for me though.

Should be able to right click and click either New Window or just right click and click Brave, and it open a new window. For me, I don’t even need a “New Window” option on the right click menu, just change the behavior of clicking on Brave. Make it open a brand new window instead of changing the focus back to the last window opened. That’s it.



Right-click functionality is flakey. Confirming: intermittently, it’s been unavailable under W-7 in Brave since v0.19.??

A work-around that works for me (not a fix, just a work-around): refreshing (circular arrow next to the URL) the page I’m viewing typically restores (temporarily) right-click functionality.

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