No more BAT? Installed new browser on computer shop

Just wondering 1 of my friend installed brave browser on her computer shop and she tried to check the wallet… No BaT whats going on?

Why would she expect there to be BAT upon installing the Brave browser?

Where did you hear that every new Brave user will receive BAT for installing Brave?


She has to either top-up her wallet to have BAT in there or continously use the browser and wait for the next free grant (If there is any in the future). Keep in mind that free grants are limitied. She can also wait for Brave Ads to be rolled out on your location then she can earn BAT by viewing ads which she can then send as tips to her favorite creators/publishers or (to me if she finds my reply helpful). :slight_smile: Forget about my last phrase, it’s just for the purpose of cheering everyone up.


Hehe hopefully brave will give as free bat again… But anyway the brave ads is not appearing anymore… Why is like that, any idea?

Coz most of the time before when my friends which has their computer shop and also friends from their office after installation they get a free bat… So I ask them to tip into my site… I ask them to install coz i told them its better than chrome and pricacy is good thats why…

They were just lucky, in that case :slight_smile: That means they installed when there was a promotion going on, but it’s not just for new users. It’s for all Brave users!

As for Brave Ads not showing, see:

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