No more ads show up

Hi !
many people asked but I can’t find a good answer…

I activated brave rewards on brave-dev browser. Rewarded ads showed up and I started to earn BAT. this morning no more ads show up, but I didn’t change any settings in the night… Is there a network or profiling bug ? somebody else with this issue ? somebody with some answers ?

thank you !


Ads are now only available in the US, the UK, Canada, France and Germany.
They will be available in other regions after the next updates.


Hi, Do you have any information when you will be active for Turkey? thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know ! but as I said I did some ads, then nothing more… and I live in France, so…

No, I’m sorry, no clue

Really don’t have a knowledge? This is a very negative impact on the use of the Brave which Turkey. All Brave officials will hear. Hopefully this problem will be solved in a short time. Because I can’t give a clear answer to the questions asked to me. :wink:

anybody can help ? we’re many people with this issue…

have the same problem.last week earnings were ok. Since yesterday i received only 21 ads and than it stops for hours. no ads, no rewards. i didn’t changed anything. Can anybody help?I’m from germany , version 0.63.45 chromium 74.0.34729.75

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Any news here? still not more ads…
Ads are one of the value things for me to use brave browser… so i think no more ads so i can use another chrome browser?!?
Please help

Is this Community supported by BRAVE Developers? There are many threads like this (no or less ads showing) and no answer or help from support?! Is this issue unimportant?

PLEASE in the name of alot people…give us an anwser you are working to resolve this issue or not.

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This is true. I had my Desktop VPN set for Vegas and my mobile set for Switzerland. I was receiving ads on both platforms up until BRAVE 1.0 was released. Just switched VPN on my mobile to West Coast USA and I instantly received an ad.