No more ads or payouts since december, I'm I flagged?

I’m having the same problem. I didn’t get the award I should have received last month and I can’t get an award from the ads I see I sent a dm can you help me @steeven ?


I’m having the same issue.

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Same for me. I earn rewards but no transfer from Brave to Uphold despite a functioning connection (and no VPN). And nobody from Brave speaking up. They are not very brave I’d say! What on earth means flagged? Can anyone tell me what it means if you are flagged?


Pretty much the same issue here. I made a post about it a couple weeks back. Since then I have received ad notifications once and that last a couple hours. Then it went right back to the same thing. No ad notifications and dismal payouts for clicking on the news feed links or the homepage ad that pops up. I’ll struggle to break 4 BAT across 2 computers this month.

I don’t think it’s the VPN, I just think things are really slow right now. I’m expecting things to pick up after a month or two.

@wsorrian just a FYI, you don’t get anything for clicking on ads. They just run in notifications and you can dismiss/clear them with no issues.

@VoVi and everyone else, let me ask the following:

(1) Though you may not see ads, is Brave logging that you’ve seen any ads when you check under Brave Rewards? I’m asking just to clarify if you’re saying you haven’t seen any ads, if you’re seeing ads but Brave isn’t recognizing them, or if you’re saying you just aren’t receiving any at all?

(2) This kind of gets covered by #1, but I want to expand…have y’all made sure you have settings in place and that notifications can be made? I’m asking this as I used to play a lot of games and in gaming mode, it prevented any notifications on my PC while I was playing. Due to it preventing notifications, Brave was unable to show any ads during that time. Obviously my income dropped until I noticed and corrected it. So guess just getting you to think back if you might be interfering in any way with it.

(3) Your IP Address and Locale (which is set on your PC) have to match AND be located in a supported region.

They then state: "

ads programming will collect the IP + locale information from OS. If IP + Locale criteria matches only then Ads will be served to the user."

You can see similar situations on their Github, where people had selected different time zone and all.

matching the locale on WIndows 10 ( Español (Costa Rica) instead of Español (Latinoamerica) ) fixed the issue for him.

(4) Have you messaged @steeven as they usually suggest if you aren’t receiving payments? If ever there’s issues, He always asks people to send the following to him in a DM (direct message). Make sure you don’t post this info publicly.

Thank you for reporting! Please DM with the following information:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals )
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version )
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards .

This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!


@Bascht See my above post, #4 in regards to contacting Steeven. That said, I also want to ask…what are you referencing when you say a functioning connection? Keep in mind you need to be sure that you have verified your wallet, that you’ve confirmed your email and other info with Uphold, etc.

Also, what region are you in? Where that matters would be such things as the post 9 days ago from Steeven.

Lastly, if you’re flagged it means they have marked your account for violation of terms. There are lots of things that fall under this, but a good example might be people who try to run more than the allowable accounts. For example, some might try to run modulators on their computer, which then would be able to run as many accounts at once as they wish and then set ads to the maximum allowable. Or there’s people in countries outside of the allowable who try to run VPN and falsify their location to get rewards. Those are just two examples, but it can be a number of other things. Basically they turn off your account and you can’t earn anything anymore.

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@wsorrian just a FYI, you don’t get anything for clicking on ads. They just run in notifications and you can dismiss/clear them with no issues.

I have tested this 5 times. I do NOT get credit for ad notifications I don’t click on. It’s only when I click them that I get credit.

@wsorrian Well, I’m not going to argue further but I am going to let you know you’re wrong. I used to click on all the ads and thought you had to in order to earn, but then I was told by staff you didn’t have to. Since then I never click on them and I still earn BAT and receive my payments regularly.

Also, if you need the official proof of it, you can check the FAQ portion out.

How long do I have to view the ad before my “attention” accounts as a “view”?

Users are rewarded for viewing ad notifications as they appear in Brave. Users are not rewarded for clicking on ads.

I mean, if you don’t want to believe me or the Brave staff, I guess you can keep clicking away. But I at least wanted to try to share it with you and try to make your life a little bit easier.

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Oh, in that FAQ, there’s also this:

What exactly am I getting paid for? Just seeing the ad notification or actually clicking the ad?

In the initial Brave Ads release, users receive BAT for viewing the ad notifications. In future releases, users will be able to earn additional rewards for engagement events within the ad tabs. Brave does not reward users for clicking on the notifications. Brave’s position is that users should only click on ads that they have a genuine interest in engaging with.

Just to help on confusion, what they are saying is that you never get paid for clicking on ads. They are looking at giving you extra rewards for engaging with content on your page…basically just extra rewards for using Brave. I don’t think they’ve implemented that yet, but it’s possible. Main idea though is they have insisted they will never make us have to click on the ad notifications.

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Thanks a lot for your data Saoiray! Well I didn’t anything of these things that would get one flagged so I am fine on that. I read through your point 4 and I will do this. As to the connection yes I have a verified wallet so this should not be an issue. I do get ads and I do get credit for those that I take a look at but it just doesn’t get dropped anymore into Uphold despite Brave and Uphold saying they are connected. So I will do the points you mention in point 4. Thanks a lot again for your info!

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@Bascht hopefully they work with you to get it fixed soon. I just want to give you a heads up. Steeven gets LOTS of messages and tags each day. This means responses won’t always be quick and you can have to wait a month or two before they get to you. He does typically get to everybody but not as fast as we would like. And sometimes he doesn’t even respond directly but he’ll still fix things behind the scenes. So do not get discouraged if by chance you don’t get an immediate response from him.

It gets frustrating, I know. I wants had issues myself and it took a little over three weeks before I received a response but they eventually did get me everything that was missing.

How am I “viewing an ad” from a push notification, without clicking on it? I’m not wrong. You just don’t understand what I am talking about.

I literally just watched 3 push notifications come through on an active tab and I purposely did not click on them. My reward? 0.000 BAT. I refreshed the homepage and checked multiple times. Still nothing. Once I clicked on the very next notification I got 0.005 BAT.

There is your real world data proving you wrong. Have a nice life.


This was my balance from my Android. I switched over to iPhone from Android on January 12 and have had the phone off since. That means you’re looking at a balance from less than half a month. Not once did I click on a notification.

And it’s been the same way for YEARS. That’s real world data proving you wrong. Not to mention the official links to the FAQ and other resources I provided for you. Oh, and let’s not forget you’re the one who said you weren’t seeing ads or getting money from them. So yeah, might want to think about that.

I do wish they’d let us earn BAT on iPhone. And I just don’t use my PC much anymore, as I’ve been on my Playstation. No clue how many minutes or hours I’ve had my PC on, but just checked and it’s only seen 34 ads and earned 0.195 BAT. If you want to waste time clicking, go for it. But it’s not necessary. And the answer is ads show in your notifications. It’s just the notification that serves as the ad.

You may want to check out a post I made tonight at PSA: Friendly Reminder For People Having Issues with Rewards/Ads

And you ask how you’re “viewing an ad” from a push notification? Well, if you READ the FAQ I linked in prior comments, you’ll see their terminology.

…users receive BAT for viewing the ad notifications.

You see that? You receive BAT for ad notifications…not for clicking on the ad or anything.

Main thing is you’re making a lot of assumptions. If you want to ignore facts, that’s up to you. But to come and share wrong information with others and argue, just shows you have some growing up to do. Anyway…let me truly stop now.

I am having problem that I recieve very less ads and I think either my wallet is flagged or there is problem in brave reward internals can someone tell me the codes of brave reward internals.

Unlisted publisher and failed to get token

What does it mean?

I am located in Denmark with English-GB locale, not sure if that is the reason I am not getting ads anymore since I have been using English(UK) as a language since I started using Brave and used to get ads up until January.

@iakovos There’s someone else with a similar issue I was just talking to. I’m doing a copy/paste of how I responded to them here below. Do a favor and test it out, then let us know if you see a difference. (And yes, it kind of copies some of the stuff I said earlier. I know you’re saying wasn’t an issue in the past, but I guess it’s just saying to check and see if it’s the cause of your issues now)

____________________Copy/Pasted Info below------

Yeah, that is weird. I do know as updates are done and they improve on features and security, that could end up leading to the changes. Though I’m not saying language as much as time zone and all. For example, there was a user who posted about how he and his friend lived in Costa Rica but his friend wasn’t seeing ads. The trick though is Costa Rica had multiple time zones and that’s what was causing the issue. If you want to check out that Github and the various comments, check out

As to the person I’m talking about, here was his:

I see the ads, but my friend which use Windows 10 can not see them, we both live in Costa Rica but in different zones (He lives in Heredia and I live in San José)

basically, this seems to be an issue of locales, I will match his locales and try again

matching the locale on WIndows 10 ( Español (Costa Rica) instead of Español (Latinoamerica) ) fixed the issue for him.

There was even another person:

My Windows 10 version is 1909 (build 18363.752).

My country is set to Czech Republic.

Information from


When I set the regional format to English (United States) , Brave says that rewards are not available in my region.

When I change the regional format to Czech (Czechia), Brave rewards are enabled for me.

So the only thing I can suggest is to try to make sure your computer’s time zone/locale matches with whatever your IP is set to be. If your computer is saying you’re in England but your IP address says you’re in the United States (just using as an example), then Brave would be flagging it as an issue and be unable to show ads as they are uncertain of your location…which is a key aspect of knowing what ads to show you.

Try changing that up and let us know if you see a difference.

I did try switching to Danish for a couple of hours last week but I didn’t see any difference.

The issue seems to be fixed.
Everything seems to work like normal.
I was flagged for some reason. To bad Brave does not let you know.

Nothing you put up there disproves what I am seeing. So it is NOT real world data. You just posted a bunch of screen shots of ancient payouts mostly from 2020, with only 2 listed that are even close to a relevant date. None of that has anything about the push notifications I am talking about. You’re not very intelligent. You’re just a fanboy who thinks they’re right about everything.

And now with the bug that everyone is reporting, I was proven right. Now get lost, troll.

@VoVi Did you actually receive payouts though? I was told my flag was lifted and everything was “good to go” but no payments still for last two months. Now it says my next one is April, but I don’t know if I trust that either.