No more ads and BAT counter stuck

Okay, so when you reinstall the browser, it’s like you’re throwing away your existing “wallet” and any money in it into the trash, only to get a brand new wallet. It will expedite things if you were flagged, but it means starting over. When I do talk about “throwing away BAT or money”, I’m referring to whatever is on that particular browser and not referencing anything that is safely stashed away into your Uphold/Gemini account

We have 4 lifetime slots. These get used up any time you add another device or if you do something like a factory reset/system restore on a device. If you’ve only used 3 slots, then you technically could remove one, reinstall Brave, and then connect it. It would be a brand new Wallet ID associated with the browser at that point and you’d be starting over.

However, if all 4 slots are already in use, then it would be a pain to do. As it means you’d then have to do a Wallet unlinking request form and it might take a month or so for it to be processed. Honestly, we’re about a month or so from them kind of eliminating the wallet limit and permitting us to manage it ourselves.

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Usually you don’t want to uninstall/reinstall because of the wallet limit AND the idea of losing any BAT you’ve earned and have stored in the browser itself. But if you don’t mind the risk of that, it could get you going sooner. Just keep in mind you’ll need to be cautious on the VPN and all, otherwise just end up getting yourself flagged again.

Otherwise, just kind of stuck having to wait for Mattches and Steeven to get back to you, whichever one(s) you sent a DM to.

I also have brave on my phone (even if gemini is not connected to it), which makes me 4 slot used…
I’ll wait for the admin’s response before starting such a process. :sweat_smile:
If it takes too long, maybe I’ll think about it

Thanks for your comprehensive answers.

I do have a VPN and briefly switched it to other countries just to test it out, but reverted back because I have no personal need to do so (I don’t watch international videos, download content, or the like. Wouldn’t even have time to do so anyhow). So if my having changed those flagged me, how can I even tell if that would be the problem for my not receiving ads for the past few months? Is there a direct way to contact Brave support to address that? I’d hate to also even pursue such an action as there’s CLEARLY a lot of others having the exact same problem as me in this period of time.

Yes, looking at the forum it also seems to me that there are many of us in the case.

I hope @steeven and @Mattches will be able to solve the problem.

We will have to be patient I think. Maybe the next update will fix the problem

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You contact Steeven or Mattches. This is kind of addressed in the FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers. check it under How do I know if I've been flagged?

What action? Btw, I’ll also say that while a lot of people are having similar consequences, not all of them are from the same reasons. Don’t forget that while there are many who unknowingly had things happen, there are lots who are regularly trying to deceive others for profit. So just because people might be flagged or have the same outcome as you’re experiencing, it matters greatly as to what led to it and how they react.

Btw, we just got an update from dev team today on the wallet unlink.

This change is currently code-complete. However, actual release date (which won’t be tied to a Brave release #, since it’s back-end work), will depend on how testing goes, which is starting up now.

I renamed this issue to something more general, because we are no longer providing an interface to manage linking slots, given that linking limits will not exist anymore. I am leaving it here even though most work is happening on the back-end, just to keep visibility on this issue.

Basically, it’s in the final stages and then should appear. It will happen outside of a browser update, so you’ll need to keep an eye out on Brave Community and all for any announcements. We just don’t know if it is a matter of days, weeks, or longer.

I’ll check the FAQ link you shared. Thanks.

Action: I was referring to taking the time to troubleshoot some of the potential solves people have had rather than a potential all-up solution of an update from Brave. I did not want to spend extra time resolving myself if it was just going to be fixed on it’s own in say a week or two.

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Hello , Did you solve your problem?

Personally I have neither found a solution nor had answers from the administrators.

the update did not change anything

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Ho, finally got it!

I reset my rewards wallet, the counter went down to 0.

I linked again my gemini account, reactivated ads & rewards, still nothing during a half hour, the counter remains at 0 even when viewing sponsored wallpapers.

Finally, everything went back to normal, the counter started working again and the pop-up ads reappeared. I just lost the few BAT of my brave virtual wallet.

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Hi! No I have not. I got frustrated and actually too busy to address it. I see you found a solution, but mine differs in that I never created a Gemini account. Not really sure I see a need for it? But come to think of it, Gemini integration started getting touted on Brave Rewards around the start of the new year, right? Is there a correlation? What would you recommend? I’ve disabled ads (again) and my VPN and plan to switch Rewards back on in a bit to see if anything changes.

I’ve messaged some admins per the FAQ to find out if my account was flagged and why. My only thought is that I was using a VPN and they didn’t like that. I truly didn’t even know that was barred as I don’t use location or use it to skirt around country codes to get to other content. Just not my thing, but I get that something like that needs verified more than just a word trusted. If only I had such free time! :laughing:

Well, kind of works I guess. But resetting doesn’t give you an additional wallet slot or anything. So you’ll earn rewards but if you were at the 4 limit, then you’ll not be able to connect to Uphold or w/e until they remove the limit here shortly. That’s kind of what I was covering with you a couple weeks ago. I just was letting you know that you’d possibly lose BAT by doing that, if you had any in your browser.

VPN is permitted. What isn’t though is let’s say you live in United States and you use VPN to appear as if you’re in England. At that point, there will be a conflict between your information and they’ll flag you,. as you’d be bypassing ad restrictions. Ads are being displayed in regards to what region you’re in and is intended only for people in that region. So when you spoof stuff, that’s the issue. In that, they say use VPN to appear in your same region.

Fairly recent or how long ago? Make sure to include your Wallet Info when you messaged? (If not, they won’t be able to help without it)

Well, you need Gemini or Uphold if you plan on turning BAT from Brave Rewards into money or to send to other places. Unless/until you verify with one of the two custodial wallets, the only thing your BAT is good for is to just collect in your browser and possibly tip others.

Other aspect is by connecting with one of them, it saves your BAT should anything happen. If you never verified with either and your device goes bad, you’ll lose everything. While your BAT is stored at Brave, it’s said that it stores on your browser because that’s where the encryption code is. Without that, the data on the servers aren’t worth a thing. So easier just to say it’s stored on your browser and if it goes bad, you’re out of luck. Where if linked to Uphold or Gemini, it gets sent and stored on their website, which will never get lost.

Welcome to the group lol… Everyday i come here i read a lot of more and more people complaining the same thing. I have since february seeing sponsored images and no bat at all.

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i work in a remote country and sometimes need to connect to a VPN in my home country for work, how can I avoid being flagged and lost all the rewards I earned here?
anything i can do? like turn off ads before connecting to a VPN and turn it back on afterwards? any suggestions?
i have no intention to trick brave browser for the rewards, I just need to “be in my home country” sometimes when I have to connect to my webserver’s control panel

Yeah, this is basically it to my knowledge. If you’re using a VPN to connect to a region you’re not in, then turn off Brave Ads before you connect to it and then once you disconnect from VPN, can turn it back on.

If you’re appearing in multiple regions or accessing ads from other regions, you’ll eventually get flagged. As I’ve stated before, your Locale and IP address needs to match. So if your computer says you’re in India but your IP address says you’re in Australia, it’ll see it as suspicious. (making up an example, not saying applies to you)

Thanks, @Saoiray. Glad to know I can keep protecing myself with my VPN.

I properly messaged the two admins per the FAQ. I got response back saying I was not flagged, which is good. So that at least resolves my account wasn’t flagged.

I have Uphold. so if Gemini is just another service similar, I’m good to go. I just hope one day soon I can add more BAT.

i didn’t turn on my overseas vpn since i reset it last time, but it stopped showing new ads since today, what should I do?
this looks pretty much caused by the latest update

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