No Monthly Reward [Token Grant] for Verified Publishers?

Why haven’t I received the monthly rewards for being verified publisher for March month?

@Asad, can you please answer?

Hi there, please see this thread: Some common solutions to late/incomplete payouts

I think that he refer to the Brave Monthly Grants @Asad, A lot of People dont received until today the Brave Monthly Grant on PC version of Brave Browser… There are specifics Reasons?


I think you’re right!! Thanks for the correction :slight_smile:

Grants come in on a semi-regular basis… if there was problems with the latest batch, there are always more on the way soon :slight_smile:

@Asad Can you explain that in a most Understandable way? I did not understand you completely… Thanks Bro, you are very active and very always diligent…

Please, my community want to know too, can you Answer me @Asad?

The point is that more grants are always coming, so if there was an issue with these there will surely be more grants issued later – keep checking the Rewards notification. Either way, I’ll see if there are any outstanding issues with the grant system at the moment

Oh! Great Answer bro… and can I ask you one more thing? what is the status of the UGP - How to find out more information about how it gets bigger, how it grows, how much more time will there be promotions, how do I find out about the UGP?

@Asad Yesterday they were giving BAT on pc today between and I have nothing, what happens I lost my monthly bat?

So, you received token grant yesterday?
I have not received it yet!

More grants will be issued soon. There is no consistent schedule for grants.

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