No longer receiving "unblinded tokens"

Thanks for checking, but still no resolution.

Hi @distor , looks like I’m in the same situation as you. Wondering if you were able to have Brave support resolve your issue?

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@tempest1 Thanks for asking, but I’m unaware of any updates.

@Mattches @steeven Can you help us understand this error?

@distor and @tempest1 I think your wallets have been flagged

It’s really unfortunate, but looking through the forums I have only run across maybe one instance of someone having this resolved. All of the other posts I’ve seen with similar issues have gone unresolved with no comments. Thought I would try pinging one more of the Brave team to see if we can find a solution to our shared problem. @SaltyBanana

Look, I have the same problem of Ad notification not served: Not allowed due to permission rules since August 2021: No payout, no ads, next payment in October? and there is still no solution.
So don’t expect any.

@rmobo there are a lot of causes to this message in the log, like hitting the daily cap of ads, the message alone is not enough to know that if there’s something wrong with the wallet.

You have to pay attention to the previous messages

Good news! Try going to the Brave Rewards setting and re-set your wallet. I found a Reddit post that suggested that, and so far I’m now getting rewards again. Only downside is that you sacrifice the January payout. @distor

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does resetting wallet ads another entry if you will connect it to custodians like uphold.?.
If so, mines about to reach the limit number of devices.

I don’t know unfortunately. If you tell me where I can see in the logs how many of the 4 lifetime wallet have been used I can check.

unfortunately, that info could not be seen in the logs. I think it could not be seen by us, ordinary users. But admins can access it though since they can unlink connected devices if you request them…

Yes, every wallet have his own wallet payment Id so it will count for the limit.

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Hello, is “resetting” the same as “log out” ?

Is the problem abut unblinded tokens solved and what does it mean

no, is not

take a look at this, think it will help

to my knowledge, the inability to refill unblinded tokes is due tothe wallet being flagged, you should contact some in the brave team like mattches or saltybannana and ask them to check the wallet status – this will likely take a while

but i am seein ads and getting rewarded

thank you for the link! :grinning:

Then I don’t understand your issue :rofl:

okay thank you for your response