No longer getting a " Complete transaction on hardware device" modal when using a Ledger

Not sure the best way to explain this but when using Brave Wallet with a Ledger device you would get two screens/modals to complete a transaction with the Brave Wallet

Modal_1 : Screen modal that had the transaction details and a “reject” and “confirm” button.

Modal_2&3: Clicking “confirm” on Modal_1 would bring up another modal screen that said something to the effect of to complete the transaction on your hardware device. From memory it was actually a 2nd and 3rd modal … saying to connect your “xyz” hardware device and once connected another one instructing you to use your “xyz” hardware device to confirm the transaction. This screen would remain there until you approved or rejected the transaction on your Ledger/hardware device.

This second step/modal 2&3 is no longer occurring. You can click “Confirm” on that first modal and nothing happens on the screen…you don’t get a notice to complete the transaction on your Ledger anymore. It actually just looks like the modal is frozen. The transaction does eventually come up for review on your Ledger and you can complete it…but the first modal just hangs there so there is no indication from the Brave Wallet itself to complete the transaction on your hardware device.

Update: Note that for transactions that require just a signature from the hardware device, the 2nd modal is still coming up. However, for regular transactions, the 2nd modal is still not appearing…almost looks to me like the brave wallet is glitching in some way.

Hopefully, that makes sense? Basically, it appears a step/screen/modal has been removed when completing transactions with a hardware device through the Brave wallet.

I’ve tried this at two different Defi sites on Avalanche…Trader Joe and Vector with the same results.

Also maybe unrelated it’s taking a really long time , ~30 seconds, to load wallet/balances data so the “Confirm” button on the trasnaction switched from greyed out to clickable.

Same problem with trezor, cannot use brave wallet anymore due to this issue. Modal 2 is not appearing (blocking my transaction approval) and wallet balances are also incredibly slow to load.

Posted this to investigate:

We’ll be in touch soon.

I am going to post a separate thread about the long time it’s taking for wallet and price data to load in the transaction modal. You can’t confirm a transaction until this loads and in some cases it’s taking longer than 30 seconds and in some cases it never loads. This happens with a hardware wallet but seems worse for just the native Brave Wallet. One of my computers hasn’t upgraded and the 1.37 prior version does not have this issue with either a hardware wallet or native brave wallet

Above issue is fixed and we’ll get it in the next release. Thanks for posting in a new issue, don’t mix threads pls and thank you!

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