No longer able to sign in to creator account (emails never arrive)

I have a creators account, and used to use it absolutely fine. Then I stopped being able to sign in, the magic link never arrives in my inbox. My email address is valid and unchanged, and works fine for everything else (including this forum, it’s working fine). I even tried the ‘sign up’ button, in case it had actually somehow lost the account, but also received nothing. I suspect there is some misconfiguration with Brave’s email delivery system, meaning it never gets delivered, for some reason?
I tried emailing, to no avail (either no response, or if there was, perhaps the same misconfiguration meant that they never got delivered, either). I tried waiting and trying again, but it has now been several months (maybe even a year…), and I have been unable to access my account. I’m not sure what my options are, I’d be happy to change email addresses, if the Brave system just can’t cope with it, for some reason (?), but I obviously can’t do that without being able to log in…

Hi @tlucas, thanks for reporting. Can you DM me the email linked to your account? I can take a look.

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