No longer able to connect to Gemini

Briefly describe your issue:
I can no longer connect to Gemini, it was already connected previously. And I also have no idea how to switch to UpHold if needed. I can only click connect and then get an error after logging in.

Who is your verified custodian?

Are you in a supported region?
I thought it was mentioned that as long as we are connected before this new supported region is added we can just continue using it? And if now it’s not allowed, how can we switch to the UpHold account, I don’t see any options to do so, only a connect button back to Gemini.

@dsd read through everything at PSA: Known issue with Gemini (Gemini is down) especially the last few comments by Chriscat.

If Gemini still can’t be fixed, how can I switch my payout to Uphold rather than just being stuck for months like this?

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