No January payments, No Support from admins

***Hey steeven, I have done a DM to you 2,3 times but you haven’t replied once When I will receive jan payments, then again I have to do the same for feb payments, it’s better that you resolve the error once so that I will not post here every month. What is this transferring tokens error? You have all my data, please resolve this earliest. I’m posting here every month but no one is listening why??? ***@steeven


@steeven please reply???

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Hi Anand,
have you connected your gemini account with brave browser?


@AnandShukla welcome to Brave… Every month I have problems receiving my BAT payments. They always make excuses, they say there is a problem but they never solve it… month after month it’s always the same… Anyway, the 23rd and they still haven’t paid for the month of January. I send a message to @Steeven and he doesn’t even respond… Brave is the best :wink:


yes i have the same problems



I wrote to Gemini Support too before reading some of the posts here, which made me realize it’s most likely a Brave problem.

My BATs were supposedly deposited on Feb 11th, today is the 23rd and Gemini still shows no BATs received.


No, i use Uphold. I used to get payment smoothly in my uphold earlier, each month at least 2 bats but now I’m getting lesser ads and also not getting payment on time

Yes many users are facing the same problem. Brave is not transparent with users, there is lot of hidden things. Decentralized crypto ecosystem is a myth. Every single thing is under control

Exactly same story of mine. If they resolve the problem once why we’ll post every month for payments.

@AnandShukla They are smart. They claim payment problems… and many of us give up and don’t complain… And with that they keep our money… because they get paid for every ad we see…

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Hi @AnandShukla, we’re working through all of our DM’s diligently. I see that you messaged on Friday with your information. Please be patient as we work through the queue. We’ll get to the bottom of your issue.

@BSCUNHA I’m sorry but that is blatantly misleading. I’ve worked with you each month and you have received BAT on top of your monthly earnings. If you sent a DM this month then I will reply to it as soon as I get to it in the queue.

Thanks for your patience.