No Installation bonus

I kept reading that USA users would get an extra ~5$ just for downloading brave, in addition to ad rewards.

I downloaded and installed brave browser for android January 1. I received BAT ad rewards for January, but no installation bonus.

I’m liking brave, but What gives? Thanks.

Not sure what promo you might be talking about. Only one I heard of within the past few months was new Gemini users receiving 5 BAT but that was back in the first 1-2 months when Gemini and Brave partnership was new. That promo is no longer active.

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Lol, that promo didn’t worked for me. I didn’t get any reward.
Not complaining, just letting you know.

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Hey thanks. I went digging again and they look like current posts but are actually LONG discontinued.

Or someone’s sly attempt at referral bonuses.

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