No icons on front anymore?


Brave is now just a big blank browser with a space to type and no icons. Is this intentional?


Per the posting guidelines please specify your Brave version number and operating system. :slight_smile:

Unless you chose a blank page, it shouldn’t default as such.


Ipad IOS version 10.3 and latest Brave which just updated. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and have not chosen a blank page. No icons are there and no search page appears, just have to type into “search or enter an address bar”, which I hate. I love Brave but every time it is updated something goes wrong. For now I’ve gone back to Safari. When first installed there were a few useless icons such as Facebook, etc but no Google or DuckDuckGo and as soon as the cache was cleared even those disappeared. iPhone is the same. Want to actually see a search engine, don’t you. :sob: