No home ads today

Today brave didn’t show me home ads, same behavior for every device I got (verified and not) so don’t think it’s a flag issue; maybe campaign runs out but the catalog shows more than days before.

Just because you see campaigns don’t mean that you haven’t seen the maximum amount of ads or that they apply to your device. Make sure when you look at the catalog that you look at what devices they target, which regions/areas, and the total times you can see the ads. For example, one might say 10 / — / — / 10. This means you can see it a maximum of 10 times in one day, but it’s also a total of 10 times during the whole campaign. So even if the campaign lasts for 3 months, once you see any ad from the campaign a total of 10 times, you’ll not be able to see the ads or gain BAT from it again.

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Thanks, never realized what that numbers meant.

Yep. If you didn’t notice yet. It goes Day/Week/Month/Max. A lot of times the weekly or monthly cap is left blank and places just do a daily and maximum value.

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