NO "Hide Others" keys command like every other application for MacOS! WHY?

I think, the question in the headline says all. I believe, every application for MacOS has a key combination to “hide (all) other (applications, windows)”, which is option+⌘+H. Brave only has the ⌘+H command, which hides Brave. Makes me absolutely crazy. Such a simple thing. But no, to hide other applications, one has to go up with the cursor to the top menu, go down on the Brave menu and click “Hide others”. There is a saying: “Why easy, when you can make it difficult …”. And different to basically all other applications for MacOS …

Not sure what you’re seeing, but it looks to me like the option is right there. :thinking: We certainly didn’t do anything to remove it from Chromium.

Short-cut works perfectly fine for me.
@Duetto, do you not see this option available as shown in @toml’s image above?

No, unfortunately I didn’t - at least not until yesterday. After restarts and updates on iMac and Macbook I can finally see the missing shortcut. Should have done that before posting my message. Thank you for your response!