No help and feedback

I have been waiting for 6 months now and have not received a reward commensurate with my effort. I need Steeven and Aa-ron answers. This is the final payment and you guys don’t want to pay me and All the Japanese

@Aa-ron @steeven Please answer and give a plan for me to receive money. Think of what I have been trying to work for you.

Meh. Stop spamming. :roll_eyes: Replying to your previous thread is better than creating multiple threads with the same issue. You can tag the admin there.

And may God give you more patience. You need that. 🤷

They shut down my old theme. They announced that I will receive the money, but up to now, no one has supported me. How do you like me? My money has been waiting 6 months, not a short time anymore

I need uninterrupted help and communication to resolve my problem @Aa-ron @steeven

Hi @khanhkid
Let’s go to DM.