No Google fallback mixing when using Brave Search on Firefox

Description of the issue:
I cannot find the option to enable fallback mixing when I use Brave Search on Firefox.

On Brave it should be between Anonymous local results and the Discussions settings.

Brave Version (check About Brave):
Not Brave, but Firefox is version is 107.0b9.

Operating System:
Windows 10

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On my end, this feature is also absent in Firefox. It seems that this feature needs queries to be routed through the Brave browser itself. Ref. @

Oh wow, I never realized it was doing the queries locally on the machine itself. I thought they were doing it like DuckDuckGo where they make the query on my behalf using their infrastructure so it’s 100% untraceable back to me.

As far as I know, this feature directly connects to google servers, mixes them with brave sesrch results and then presents them.

Right now, it can be only done through a browser, since if you search for ‘Venice italy’ in brave search the browser will send two requests. One to google servers and one to brave search servers.

I have also read that due such a ‘genius’ way of functioning of this feature brave does not have to pay a single cent to google search whereas startpage has to pay google and duckduckgo to bing.

(They do not really pay as they have a business partnership).

This feature currently only works on brave browser. If firefox changes code on their side, this feature cannot be used on firefox.

Are you referring to bangs like !g (google) then ddg does not make a search on your behalf, you directly connect to google servers. Bangs just make it easy to instantly change a search engine by just adding two characters to a search query.

Also, brave search also has bangs feature ‘copied’ from ddg.

No, I am not referring to bangs. I’m talking about how DDG connects to Bing’s server to present DDG’s own results but they’re doing it on DDG’s backend and not locally on my browser.

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