No desktop icon after downloading Brave


I downloaded Brave today, so latest version. I’m using Windows 8.1.
No desktop icon appeared. And Brave is not listed on “Programs.” It’s like I did not download it, but the Brave icon is on the taskbar. I put it there, but now I don’t recall from where.
So, no icon on Desktop. No mention of Brave in my Programs list.
Anybody got a clue? I feel like if I deleted the icon from the taskbar, there would be no way to open Brave.



Hi @MDickson,

I’m not sure why it’s not create shortcut in your desktop automatically after install.

Did Brave not appear in Start Menu > Apps?

From there, right click Brave > Open file location will lead you to the shortcut. You can copy it to your desktop.

Or open Run (windows key + R) and paste the following path %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\. After that find Brave folder.

Hope that can help.
Thank you,


For me too, in Windows 7 , it gave NO desktop icon, no folder in c:\program files has “Brave” and the suggestion to open the folder %windows… showed no Brave folder name. The list of installed programs has no mention of Brave. Brave is certainly installed, but launching it is a challenge i.e. hit and miss.


Hi @PeterB7,

Brave folder is on Local and Roaming folders in %appdata%.

Please open ...\User\AppData\Local and find Brave folder. There will be a brave.exe inside it and you can Send to desktop to create the shortcut.

Or Run > paste %appdata% (it will open roaming folder) > backspace (to go to AppData folder) > choose Local folder > find brave folder > send brave.exe to desktop to create shortcut.

Hope that can help.

No Brave Icon installed on my desktop and cannot find in my program list

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