No Creator Payout/Transfer to Verified Uphold Acct Since Feb 2021 - Also, no past statements are viewable

I need some assistance with March and April 2021 payouts, and a way to view past statements.

Email account: [[sent via DM to appropriate community rep]]

Screenshots attached
Fedora 33
Brave Version: 1.23.71 Chromium: 90.0.4430.72 (Official Build) (64-bit)

How I came across the issue:

  1. I received the email link to log into my Brave Creator/Publisher Account
  2. I followed the link to log in, plus entered my 2FA Token
  3. My creator account shows >100 BAT still in my account, with last payout being Feb 2021
  4. No statement history is available when I click on “view statements”

Thanks in advance!

Just waiting patiently until the issue is at least acknowledged. So far, crickets.

Me pasa lo mismo ya envié al Dm y nada de respuesta

Parece que no tenemos más remedio que seguir esperando.

Una de las peores sensaciones del mundo es ver esa publicación de “Pago completado”, cuando sabes que la tuya no se realizó.

Espero que el equipo resuelva pronto su problema.

Well, there has been a change. I’m seeing quite a few “Unavailable” values for literally everything. Just keeping y’all in the loop.

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