No control in Settings OR History to save or delete Login Credentials

Description of the issue:

Hi, I’m frustrated as it seems we ALL are having our Username’s and/or Email Addresses COPIED and saved by this Brave Browser and there is no control within the Brave browser Settings to elect upfront to either Save (or not) the Username or Email Address which we all use as part of our login credentials to any website. Also, there is no control in the History Settings to Delete the Username/Email addresses specifically? WHY???

The only “way” to delete the Usernames and Email addresses is to delete EVERYTHING in the Brave browser History??? This is not a control, this is a workaround. It makes for slow internet browsing afterwards and an extra step every time before you close this Brave browser???

Expected result:

  1. There should be a control OBVIOUSLY to elect to Save the Username/Email address upfront, or not, like there already ARE for mailing addresses, credit card numbers, passwords, etc.

  2. There should ALSO be a control within the History settings to Delete the Username/Email address data (if you elected to store it in the first place) which I did NOT elect to do - but Brave is still storing it? My “Private” browser, called Brave??? I’m scared, not Brave.

This is an “Expected Result” since the marketing behind the Brave browser is championing a users “privacy” yet they give them apparently no control over their privacy in this very important respect? The only solution I’ve found onlline is to do the arduous “Delete Everything in the browser” solution workaround.

Reproduces how often:

Seems to repeat every time I go to a new website to enter an email address.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

Brave Version 0.70.122 Chromium: 78.0.3904.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Windows 7 Home Premium Svc Pack 1

Thanks for any help before I delete this if there is truly no control to protect my privacy in this browser.

Go to Settings --> Additional settings --> Autofill --> Passwords to delete any login/password data.
Settings --> Additional settings --> Autofill --> Payment methods for saved credit card information.
Settings --> Additional Settings --> Autofill --> Addresses and more for other form data.

If you don’t want the in browser password manager to save your data, select Never when prompted whether or not you want to save it. You can also Toggle off Auto-sign in in the Passwords menu, and toggle off the browser prompt to ask you whether or not to save them.

I was able to stop the recording of my email address by doing this (below) in Settings:

Settings --> Additional Settings --> Autofill --> **Addresses and more** for other form data.

Thank You!

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