No contributions taken from account balance on payment date


The due date for contributions to be made from my Brave wallet was 3 December

Today is 4 December, and the balance showing in the “Payments” section is the same as before, and it is saying that there have been “No previous contributions”.

It’s also saying that my next contribution is overdue, when it appears that I have sufficient balance.

What’s going on?


Hi @chrishobcroft

It sounds to me like you might be encountering this issue (since I know you had some wallet troubles previously):

I wouldn’t be surprised if you also saw this one soon as well since they seem to be related:



Thanks Lauren, ideally I would like to do a clean fresh install, but I can’t backup the wallet at the moment.


Are you still using the same install from when we corresponded previously? If so you can just use the words from our discussion when you do your fresh install. If you want further clarification please feel free to PM me.



Also, I’d always recommend making a backup of your profile before making a clean profile, just in case something goes awry :slight_smile:



Aha, yes, thank you for that reminder!

And by the way, you’re doing great work here - keep it up!


No problem, happy to help. Not sure if you saw my other comment but save off a copy of your profile prior to doing a fresh install - just in case anything goes wrong.

And thanks for taking the time to report these issues, it helps make Brave better for everyone!



I don’t know what you mean about “save off a copy of your profile”.

Please can you clarify?


Absolutely - see How to backup Bookmarks and settings and use the ‘Heavy Backup’ option. This will save an entire copy of your profile (ledger data, bookmarks, history, etc).

Let me know if you have any questions.


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