No connection when running from external sd-card

Brave won’t connect to any page if run from the external sd card.

When brave-app is moved back to internal storage, connection is back again.


  • clearing all the cache
  • moving the app back and forward between internal memory and sd-card
  • Rebooting the phone after the move and clearing cache

Brave v. 1.15.76, Chromium 86.0.4240.111
Android v.9, security patch 01/10/2020
Mobile: Samsung A8 (2018)

I had trouble with that in Q. Maybe Brave requires to to be on internal storage. Although, I have it set to download to sdcard, and that is no problem.

Can anybody confirm that ? Is it a bug or a “feature” ?

Any updates from anyone ?

Brave runs from external storage… I’ve got brave side-loaded on my firestick-4k on the external drive… as far as your issue… I only thing I can think of is needed permissions weren’t given to brave or maybe running programs off the external drive permissions wasn’t set… something like that…

I just have no idea which permissions and for which files I would need to check.
BTW - is there debugging log, and how can it be enabled and where are the log-files stored ?

P.S. Is there any specific way to report the issue as a bug except from posting it here ?

Just managed to enabled Developer mode, but I don’t see any way to get readable log-files except from a trace in .pftrace format, which appears to be smth. binary…

If you move brave off the external drive, does it work correctly then?

No, the opposite - by default, apps are installed into internal storage - when I move brave to external - it stops working. When moved back to internal - works again. And, moving back to external once move - stops working :frowning:

could be it doesn’t work for android 10+ some other version… Doesn’t work for my phone running android 10… works for my firestick 4k which is running on android 7.1… not much to do except put it where it works…


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