No Coin stopping cryptocurrency


This is my first try to request an extension, please be kind.

I had been reading about cryptocurrency and how it can be mined from web browsers to force using all your processor resources, and as what I had read actually create higher electric bills in the process. This is the one of the articles I have read:

Would love to see an extension that is similar to the one described in the article for the browser.


Hi @jdyates,

Brave already block coin/crypto mining scripts for a few months now and it’s ON by default (ads and trackers blocking enabled). :slight_smile:

Please see:



Greetings @eljuno,

Thank you for the heads up on this, for everything I had read to date had not mentioned this part of the browser. I had not seen the twitter reference for I had started working with the browser earlier this month (November). In my prior experience I had to rely on an extension/add on to do various functions, especially when it came to blocking various java scripts.