No claim option shown in my browser please help

Here shown claim is available but i have no option to claim it …
Browser is updated on latest version

Please help :pray:

Try reloading it many times… but I think you should claim a little later because there are many issues I observe today like receiving only 0.25BAT… I think most or maybe all android users experience this in today’s payment…

Reloading it many times but no solution

Try even closing the browser… restarting device… or turning airplane mode on/off
but I tell you now, that is the least of your problem… I claimed mine today and just give me 0.25 BAT like the rest of the people…

Bro i already tried this thing
Only @steeven can solve it

Please read this msg and give me the better solution

yeah, goodluck…
BTW, I’m experiencing the same on my unverified PC, I just notice now…
haha, guess I will wait this out as well…

You also try to solve it
If you found any solution please tell me

yeah, here:

no claim button as well, but the payout status as said in this community is “claims available”… Well, I’ll just have to wait this out (like I did before in times like this) maybe improvements will happen few days from now.

Still now not claim botton shown
@steeven please give me a solution otherwise i lost all of this earnings
Please help me

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