No claim option on my brower

I am not getting claim option in one of my brower since two months. This time too i am not getting any claim option. I am attaching my wallet ID for reference. Plz Help.

You are connected to your uphold wallet. U won’t get any claim option. Unlesss you are unverified wallet than you will get a claim option.

But my other browsers got claim option. even though they are connected to wallet

Can you screenshoot your other browser reward internal which got a claim option?

Today i claimed reward on my laptop (my second device) and i donate it to my youtube channel.

If you get claim option in your other browser meaning your verified wallet already max connected up to 4 profiles/devices. So if you connected 5 devices/profiles mean u only get an claim option.

I got the same problem ! But i only got 1 browser connect in my wallet (wallet verified) and this is the third months !!


What happens, if we exceed the 4 devices/ profiles count. How do we claim the rewards now in this case?

Please advise.

If you exceed 4 profiles/devices . For example 5th devices you connected verify wallet, it won’t send your bat to your uphold you will receive a claim button. Because maximum uphold connected only 4 devices/profiles.

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