No Claim Button for June, even May possibly is something going on?

But i did for April

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Have you received this month? I have not received the claim option till now and the payout pending status also not showing now.

For this month it is normal, you can always expect them to start processing stuff the 5-8th ish, but i havent received past months too, if you are new, dont forget this passes through a blockchain and sometimes it does take time depending on the amount of claims, now i heard they were fixing some stuff, i can understand if its gonna be delayed, but to think i watched hundreds of ads for barely nothing these past months, i would think that a major crypto crash would mean you earn more token because of its poor value, but i’m afraid we just get paid less for ads huh

Still havent received May, June payout, i know July is next month but its still a bit scary especially that i’m still being pushed 10 ads an hour

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