No changelog/patch notes for the Dev edition?


I noticed that updates are not as clarified as I’d like them to be. I’m used to Vivaldi, where the team explains in detail every small snapshot update.
I know that there are already some threads about this but I checked them and still I couldn’t find a changelog for the Dev edition.
Is there a way to read what changes where made?
I think it’s useful to know what the team is up to, it gives a better idea of where Brave is going and how much will it take.
I would love detailed blog posts with info like “This was/added/changed/fixed by this person, while this other person has been working on this.”.

I would be ok with making the blog posts myself, but still I would need to get the information somewhere.


I always find that the best place to look is GitHub:

UPDATE: Scratch that… looks like no clear change logs for the branches… you’d have to manually parse through the (potentially hundreds of) not necessarily user friendly/readable commit notes. My bad - ignore me!