No Brave Sponsored Ads are being delivered at all for over 30 days now!

I used to get Brave ads notifications very frequently but from the last month I am not getting a single Brave ad in my notifications.
I have tried everything from YouTube, Brave community posts etc. But nothing worked and the issue is still there . Please help me asap.
I did not reset or change any settings, it is set for 5 ads an hour and not a single ad is showing up. My Cell Phone is working and getting ad notifications still.

Please help

Just a FYI, that’s a maximum per hour and not a guaranteed or anything.

What device are you on? Have you changed any settings or been doing anything differently on your computer?

The reason I’m asking the questions as I am is because if you’re on Windows, for example, there’s settings such as Focus Assist which can stop notifications. In addition, if you perhaps change things like getting a gaming mouse or a new monitor, those things can impact ads displaying.

Also, where device can matter, is if you check

It will show you how many ad campaigns are in your area, but also important to note is which devices they are targeting. For example…let’s look below: (OS is top right part of the screenshot)

THIS ONE BELOW SHOWS ALL Operating Systems (OSes)


So it’s possible that some ads can target your Mobile Device but not your desktop, so you’d get more ads on one than the other.

Also important to watch is ad caps. Let’s look below really quick

View Limits

This is how many times you can see the ads Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Total

So this particular ad campaign, it’s possible you could see the 10 in a matter of an hour or two (depending on settings) and then you’d hit the maximum, meaning you’d no longer see ads from that campaign again.

This is important to keep in mind just in case you’re in an area where there are little to no campaigns. Also important to remember that even when there’s a lot of campaigns, we can sometimes hit the maximum quickly.

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Pretty clear explanation!

Nothing has been changed or added. I have gotten many ads everyday since I started using Brave. Not always 5 an hour but at least 1, usually more. I have had no ads in the month of May, and so far in June I have had no ads.

My focus assist is off and I get other notifications just none for Brave. I do get the ads on my phone though and the notifications for the ads. So far in June on my phone I have had 57 ads served that I clicked on. here is the Laptop browser numbers. Zero ads served so far in June to the laptop browser.

Jun 1 – Jun 30
Estimated Earnings
0.000 BAT
≈ 0.00 USD

If you checked and it’s showing a decent amount of campaigns in your area and they appear to target Windows, I’d say it might be good to go ahead and create a Support Ticket at

I mean, we could go over a million possibilities but I listed the usual primary. The only other thing I didn’t ask is if you’ve used a VPN or anything, as that can cause problems. The reason I’m saying to go for the Support Ticket is if nothing changed, it’s possible that your device/profile was flagged. By creating a ticket and giving them the info they request, Brave should be able to check and see if there’s any issues on the server side that’s preventing ads.

Outside of that, I just would reference you to basic stuff at my FAQ

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I’m not getting any either this June, 2022.
Just jumping in to agree there is a problem.
No I have changed nothing either on my end that I am aware of,

Same here. This is what my 30-day ad history looks like:

As you can see the last ad I got was on June 7th. Haven’t seen anything since. No change on settings I can recall at least that would cause this.

You’ve got too many “Dismissed.” Just for clarification, Dismissed means you didn’t view it and they aren’t paying you. It often is done because of things like Focus Assist or something of the sort being turned on, which also might be preventing ads from even trying to appear in the first place.

I just checked, my focus assist is off.

I’m getting a lot of Failed to get signed tokens message in the logs under brave://rewards-internals/.

I went ahead and tried to disconnect from Gemini and reverify. Now I’m getting this:

Like seriously what the hell is going on? Why am I even getting flagged? I haven’t done anything unusual.

Ok, so that’s one of the things as an example. If you scroll down a bit more on that screen, there should be automatic rules as well, which need to be off or Windows will turn it back on in certain situations.

I did write a bit about the things that can interfere with Brave Ads in my FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

Logs are something Brave has told us not to pay mind to, as Users often try to read into it a bit much. For example, I get the same thing…

That’s just Error Log that if they ever request it, we can send to them. It doesn’t tell us when things work as they are supposed to. So don’t try to look at it and make any assumptions or listen to Users who think they know anything about it.

Nobody will ever tell you the specific reason or reasons your account was flagged. It can be for quite a number of things or even be a mistake made by the system. Generally it’s people who have used VPN, modified files, adjusted their time zone/language/locale on their device(s), etc. Lots of little things from people not following Terms of Use and/or trying to scam Brave.

If you’ve not done anything wrong and the system just wrongfully flagged you, then the best bet will be to submit a Support Ticket to them, which you can do by completing the form at

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